Health benefit

Pure, genuine taste and fragrant aroma of finished venison products will make even the most strictly gourmet tremble. Moderately seasoned with fragrant spices and fragrant juniper berries, venison has a characteristic taste of endless tundra and salty sea winds. The protein in this meat is 2.7 – 5.2% higher than in the best beef varieties, and the fat content is much lower. On average, 100 g of venison contains:

Selenium – 25 mg; Calcium – 9 mg; Iron – 5 mg; Magnesium – 28 mg; Potassium – 360 mg; Zinc – 4 mg; Copper – 350 mg; Proteins – 23 mg; Fats – 4 mg.

Venison helps to improve the functioning of the heart and blood circulation, stimulates sexual functions, reduces the formation of harmful fats. It contains a lot of selenium, therefore, effectively prevents the effects of exposure to heavy metals and toxic substances.