Our online store delivers products as follows:

  • By road to the buyer’s door in Murmansk;
  • By airmail to the cargo terminal of the buyer’s airport in other cities of Russia and abroad;
  • Refrigerators to the warehouse of the transport company.

The method and cost of delivery of venison is negotiated individually depending on the preferences of the buyer and is prescribed in the supply contract.

Transportation of venison is carried out only in packaged form both in chilled and frozen state, in compliance with all temperature and sanitary standards adopted in Russia.

Storage and transportation of deer meat (except products,subjected to drying to a residual moisture content not more than 13%) are carried out at a temperature:

  • Chilled – from 0 C. to + 6 C;
  • Frostbitten – from – 5 C. to – 1 C;
  • Frozen – not higher than -8 C.