Assortment of meat products from reindeer meat produced on the slaughter unit of Reindeer CoLtd.


Title of product

Frozen products

Leg without bone

840,00 rub/kg

Withers boneless

550,00 rub/kg

Withers on the bones

500,00 rub/kg

Ribs frozen

370,00 rub/kg

Meat cutlet

530,00 rub/kg

Shank (sawn)

340,00 rub/kg

Shoulder bone

490,00 rub/kg

Outside fillet (long arm)

1300,00 rub/kg

The inner fillet (lazy muscle)

1400,00 rub/kg

Finished products

Sausages "Lovozerskije"

480,00 rub/kg

Wieners "Ponojskije"

500,00 rub/kg

Venison pressed "Kola"

830,00 rub/kg

Sausage, smoked-cooked "Wyrm"

650,00 rub/kg

Walnut meat

800,00 rub/kg

Sausage "Servelat Deer"

700,00 rub/kg

Sausage "Servelat Lingonberry"

800,00 rub/kg

Sausage "Krakow"

680,00 rub/kg

Stew  (325 g)

210,00 rub

Deer sausage cooked "Slavic"

400,00 rub/kg

Fillet jerked

4800,00 rub/kg

Ham sausage, minced

830,00 rub/kg

Semi-smoked sausage "Murmanskaya"

800,00 rub/kg

Reindeer stag "Reindeer"

980,00 rub/kg

Pearl barley with venison (325 g)

150,00 rub
Prices are excluding VAT


Full brand name of the company:

in Russian – Общество с ограниченной ответственностью «Рейндир»;

Short brand name of the company:

in Russian – ООО «Рейндир»;

in English – «Reindeer» CoLtd.


184592, Russian Federation, Murmansk Oblast,

Lovozero Region, Lovozero Village, Vokueva str.13


  Director – Zmievskoy Alexandr Andrejevich

    Mobile    + 7 950 899 4545

     Email :     This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




TIN: 5106800817

KPP: 510601001
Bank: JSC "DNB Bank"
Settlement account: 40702810705000003702
Correspondent account: 30101810300000000709
BIC: 044705709

Health benefit

The product is rich in vitamins A, B, C and niacin, does not contain cholesterol. Reindeer meat contains 2,7-7,6 % proteins more than the best sorts of beef. Fat content is quite low therefore reindeer meat is very popular among consumers. The content of fatty acids (stearic acid, palmic acid, oleic acid) in reindeer meat is nearly the same as in beaf, but the content of unsaturated fatty acids is much lower. In average 100 g of reindeer meat contain:

  • Selenium – 25 mg
  • Calcium – 9 mg
  • Ferrum – 5 mg
  • Magnesium – 28 mg
  • Kalium – 360 mg
  • Zink – 4 mg
  • Copper – 350 mg
  • Proteins – 23 mg
  • Fats – 4 mg

Reindeer meat contributes to better heart work and better blood circulation, stimulates sexual functions, decreases the formation of harmful fats, does not lead to obesity, effectively eliminates harmful effects of heavy metals and poisonous substances due to a high content of selenium.

Moreover it was found out that eating moss and lichen leads to the formation of linoleic acids in an animal body. These acids protect a human body from carcinogens and atherosclerosis. Thu, exceptional nutritional qualities of reindeer meat make it lean, healthy food and softness, fine-fibrous character and a genuine taste of venison makes reindeer meat an exotic, unique and world-famous delicacy.

Unfortunately due to a limited number of reindeer in the world, reindeer meat is not a product of mass consumption. Nevertheless demand for reindeer meat is almost always higher than supply. Produced reindeer meat is annually delivered to the best restaurants and large supermarkets.

Delicacies from reindeer meat are ecological products because reindeer pastures are located far from large enterprises and cities. During the winter on pastures reindeer eat lichen, brush wood of trees and bushes, during the summer – leaves and sprouts of young plants, berries, mushrooms. Reindeer graze only in natural environment, they do not eat artificial foods. Scientists proved that reindeer are not vulnerable to diseases that affected cattle and birds recently. Scientists proved that due to the certain conditions of subsistence and feeding reindeer are almost not vulnerable to infectious diseases dangerous for people.

About us

There are Sami living in Lovozero (they are also known as “Lapps”). There are only about 88 thousand Sami in the world, nevertheless they unite their territories in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Russia into a country with a modest name “Great Lappland”. Sami are the only reindeer herders-Caucasians in the world. Before Soviet power their annual cycle was firmly connected with reindeer, they migrated together with herds. Before the 19th century the legislations of Russia and Finland contained a special permit for Sami to cross borders freely to collect reindeer gone to “the other side”.

Reindeer” company started working in 2011 and it is one of the largest companies dealing with procuring and slaughtering of reindeer meat on the Kola peninsula.

Modern specialized equipment is installed on the slaughter-processing complex of the company: a slaughter line is provided by Kometos Oy company, refrigeration equipment is provided by Bitzer company.

Output of complex’s slaughter is 360 animals per shift.  

 Major company’s activities:

  1. Production and sale of sausage products and other meat products from reindeer meat and other animals.
  2. Production of serum from reindeer blood for biological and medical industries.
  3. Procuring and processing of velvet antlers.

Our products are delivered to many restaurants and shops of Murmansk and Murmansk Region where they are highly demanded by customers.

Limited liability company “Reindeer”

We offer deep frozen reindeer meat in carcasses and half carcasses and reindeer meat derived products for further sale. Reindeer meat pass strict sanitary and epidemiological control and has all necessary diplomas and certificates.

Reindeer meat takes one of the first places considering biological value and taste among other meat products. Reindeer meat products are delicacies both in Russia and abroad. They are especially loved in Scandinavian countries where they are traditionally in high demand. However the cost of these products in other countries is much higher in comparison with Russia.

It is proved that due to its habitat, conditions of keeping and feeding reindeer are almost not vulnerable to diseases. During the winter the main feed for reindeer is lichen (moss), brush wood, buttons of trees and bushes, during the summer – leaves and sprouts of plants, berries, mushrooms. The products of reindeer husbandry are ecological.

 Reindeer meat is a unique product!!!

Reindeer meat possesses unique qualities proved by history itself. Remember the pioneers of the Far North who ate only reindeer meat during many days.

Reindeer meat is a main product in the food ration of the indigenous peoples of the Russian Far North. In severe weather conditions this product is probably the only one possessing such nutritive properties that are sure to provide a human body with enough proteins and fats. Reindeer meat contains a lot of minerals and vitamins needed for active living.

You can always contact our company to buy high quality reindeer meat. Our assortment contains various reindeer meat products.