Reindeer meat products possess a bright unique taste, they are tender and succulent. Reindeer meat may be considered a dietary health food that can be recommended for people suffering from vitamin deficiency disease and metabolic disorder.

Carefully selected set of spices will allow to accentuate a natural taste of reindeer meat and make the products exquisite. 

Peculiarities of reindeer meat cooking.

Reindeer meat is carved the same way as beef and undercut is thought to be the most valuable part. Before cooking reindeer meat is kept in marinade from vine, herbs and spices. This meat is better for stewing because it can be easily overroasted. Reindeer meat contains little fat that is why while grilling it should be constantly poured with oil.

Reindeer tongue and bone marrow possess a delicate taste: a tongue is cooked in boiling water with spices during several hours, then put into cold water for five minutes, quickly skinned and then cut into pieces, while a salted bone marrow serves as a savoury seasoning for boiled reindeer meat.
Reindeer meat is used for various dishes.

The meat of a young reindeer possesses a fine-fibred structure and belongs to the 1st category, dishes from reindeer meat possess a tender taste.

Real delicacies are made from a reindeer tongue and bone marrow which are cooked in brine with spices and then cut into thin slices and served as a snack. Reindeer meat can be cooked according to a great many of recipes, a correctly selected set of spices will accentuate a natural taste and make any dish exquisite.

Reindeer roast

Reindeer roast is the most popular recipe for the cooking of this type of meat. Reindeer roast recipe is very easy, the most important thing is to cook a good sauce for meat. Sauce makes roasted meat taste exquisite. To cook a sauce, mix water, beer, bouillon cube, sugar and thyme in a small bowl. Mix thoroughly. Remove bones from meat, wash under running water, cut into small pieces. Remove all fat and skin to make meat tender. Roast meat in heated pan adding oil on hot fire. When meat is covered with a crust, pour on a previously prepared sauce. When the sauce boils, add laurel leaf, reduce the heat and cover the pan with a top. Cook the meat on slow fire during 1-1,5 hours stirring from time to time. This time is enough for meat to stew and be cooked. If you want, add chopped carrots 20 minutes before the meat is ready. Remove laurel leaf from the dish before serving. 


Reindeer meat is respected and very popular among the indigenous peoples of the north. Reindeer meat is highly valued because of its tender taste. In the north dishes from reindeer meat are served as a main course.

 There are some peculiarities of cooking scallopini at home. To cook scallopini from reindeer meat you need flesh. Wash the meat under running water and cut into chops, 1,5 sm thick. Thoroughly chop the meat, mix with flour, salt and pepper. Mix eggs and cream in a separate dish. Then mix hard chucks with parmesan cheese and chopped parsley.

 When cooking scallopini from reindeer meat, meat is first of all put into the mixture with flour, then into the mixture with eggs and finally into the mixture with hard chucks. Brown butter, garlic and reindeer meat from both sides in the pan. Put slightly roasted reindeer meat into a square baking pan, pour on wine, cover with a top and put into oven, heated to 180º C. Cook during 45-60 minutes or until meat turns soft.


Stroganina from reindeer meat is an old recipe for cooking reindeer meat. Peoples from Siberia have been cooking stroganina from reindeer meat since ancient times. Today as many years ago this delicacy is still popular.


Cooking stroganina from reindeer meat is quite easy and you can easily cook it at home. To cook stroganina from reindeer meat you need fresh or fresh-frozen reindeer meat. Remove bones from the meat and wash the meat thoroughly under running water. It is highly important to cut meat in a special way to make stroganina good – cut the meat into strips, 2 mm thick, 30 mm wide and 100 mm long.

Add chopped spices – onion and garlic, they will make your dish exquisite. Don’t mash or grate garlic, because then the taste of the dish will be different. Salt the pieces of meat, add pepper, roll in onion and garlic and make something like rolls. Use a string to fix the rolls.

Put the ready rolls from meat into a wide dish, make one layer of rolls and pour on 5-6 % vinegar. Add vinegar to your liking, but make sure that all the rolls are covered. Put the dish into a cold place or a refrigerator. 5-6 hours later you can take the rolls out of the brine. Squeeze the rolls a little before eating.