Jellied reindeer tongue

To cook a jellied reindeer tongue, boil a fresh reindeer tongue during 3 hours adding bold onion and carrots. It is enough to use only two spices: peppercorn and laurel leaf. Then slice the tongue and pour on a broth with gelatin. Some people prefer to use a beef broth because a reindeer meat broth is usually too dark. When cooking dishes from reindeer tongue, place a tongue in cold water for several hours prior to cooking. Then the broth will be fairer and free of flocks. Reindeer tongue will be a good addition for dishes from reindeer meat. Boil a tongue the same way as you did to cook a jellied reindeer tongue, place reindeer meat into water for several hours and then roast. Either cover the slices of a tongue with the slices of reindeer meat or use skewers. Serve reindeer meat with northern berries – cranberries and cloudberries that will accentuate the taste of reindeer meat.