Reindeer soup

Reindeer soup is a very special dish. In ancient times thick flavoured soup cooked on fire empowered shepherds and hunters. Correctly boiled reindeer meat becomes soft and tender, thus it may be used not only as a part of a soup but also as an independent dish.
Among all common meat types reindeer meat resembles beef most of all but has a different special smell and flavor. What to a reindeer soup it is absolutely different from a beef soup. Reindeer meat makes a soup dark. Moreover, a reindeer soup is very thick and nourishing, though reindeer meat is lean. To cook a reindeer soup better use a breast. This very part of a reindeer body suits for the best flavoured broth – the basis of success in cooking a soup. Fresh-frozen reindeer meat is excellent in this case. Reindeer breast suits best of all for your dish. Clean it and cut into parts before making a broth. Put it into water together with bold onion and carrots. Boil it for 1,5-2 hours and then remove everything from the broth – both onion and carrots and reindeer meat. Salt the broth in 45-60 minutes. Do not use too much spice. Add some marjoram, black pepper and if you want – garlic.
Add a dressing from fried in oil chopped bold onion and carrots to a prepared broth. When the broth with dressing boils, put potatoes and sliced reindeer breast. Boil until potatoes are soft. Add fresh greens to a ready soup to your liking.
This rich and nourishing soup from reindeer meat will be appreciated by the most experienced gourmands. The main thing is to use a high-quality reindeer meat.