Reindeer steak

The main thing in cooking a reindeer steak and actually all dishes from reindeer meat is to prepare meat correctly. Then it won’t be either dry or tough. Use fresh-frozen reindeer meat to please your dearest and nearest with a reindeer steak. When being cooked fresh-frozen meat does not lose taste and smell and preserve vitamins and nutrient substances good for your body. Such reindeer meat can be stored for quite a long time. You can make a steak from both chopped meat and mincemeat and the whole piece of meat. If you use chopped meat or mincemeat, add some lard, it will make a steak more succulent. If you use the whole piece of reindeer meat, cut it only across grain and chop thoroughly before frying. In this case reindeer meat won’t be tough.
Oil previously prepared steaks, add salt (better use sea salt), pepper and mashed berries of juniper and fry in a well heated pan. Depending on time of frying you can either get meat with blood or well fried steak from reindeer meat.

Make a sauce from juniper berries. Mix 1 teaspoon of berries, 200 ml of red wine, 200 ml of a chicken broth or beef broth and spices. Cook down over low heat until it turns into a thick syrup. Decorate a ready reindeer steak with the sprigs of berries – cranberries or red currant.