Reindeer roast

Reindeer roast is the most popular recipe for the cooking of this type of meat. Reindeer roast recipe is very easy, the most important thing is to cook a good sauce for meat. Sauce makes roasted meat taste exquisite. To cook a sauce, mix water, beer, bouillon cube, sugar and thyme in a small bowl. Mix thoroughly. Remove bones from meat, wash under running water, cut into small pieces. Remove all fat and skin to make meat tender. Roast meat in heated pan adding oil on hot fire. When meat is covered with a crust, pour on a previously prepared sauce. When the sauce boils, add laurel leaf, reduce the heat and cover the pan with a top. Cook the meat on slow fire during 1-1,5 hours stirring from time to time. This time is enough for meat to stew and be cooked. If you want, add chopped carrots 20 minutes before the meat is ready. Remove laurel leaf from the dish before serving.