Reindeer meat is respected and very popular among the indigenous peoples of the north. Reindeer meat is highly valued because of its tender taste. In the north dishes from reindeer meat are served as a main course.

 There are some peculiarities of cooking scallopini at home. To cook scallopini from reindeer meat you need flesh. Wash the meat under running water and cut into chops, 1,5 sm thick. Thoroughly chop the meat, mix with flour, salt and pepper. Mix eggs and cream in a separate dish. Then mix hard chucks with parmesan cheese and chopped parsley.

 When cooking scallopini from reindeer meat, meat is first of all put into the mixture with flour, then into the mixture with eggs and finally into the mixture with hard chucks. Brown butter, garlic and reindeer meat from both sides in the pan. Put slightly roasted reindeer meat into a square baking pan, pour on wine, cover with a top and put into oven, heated to 180º C. Cook during 45-60 minutes or until meat turns soft.