Stroganina from reindeer meat is an old recipe for cooking reindeer meat. Peoples from Siberia have been cooking stroganina from reindeer meat since ancient times. Today as many years ago this delicacy is still popular.


Cooking stroganina from reindeer meat is quite easy and you can easily cook it at home. To cook stroganina from reindeer meat you need fresh or fresh-frozen reindeer meat. Remove bones from the meat and wash the meat thoroughly under running water. It is highly important to cut meat in a special way to make stroganina good – cut the meat into strips, 2 mm thick, 30 mm wide and 100 mm long.

Add chopped spices – onion and garlic, they will make your dish exquisite. Don’t mash or grate garlic, because then the taste of the dish will be different. Salt the pieces of meat, add pepper, roll in onion and garlic and make something like rolls. Use a string to fix the rolls.

Put the ready rolls from meat into a wide dish, make one layer of rolls and pour on 5-6 % vinegar. Add vinegar to your liking, but make sure that all the rolls are covered. Put the dish into a cold place or a refrigerator. 5-6 hours later you can take the rolls out of the brine. Squeeze the rolls a little before eating.