Reindeer barbecue is a real meat delicacy. There are a lot of recipes for cooking and they mostly differ in a way of making a marinade. If you use traditional recipes for cooking a reindeer barbecue, you will get a tender and nonfat barbecue. Meat just melts in your mouth. Once you have a chance to eat a reindeer barbecue, you will never forget its unique taste.
To cook a reindeer barbecue better use flesh or meat on a small bone. Wash the meat before cooking, remove membranes and cut into flat pieces, 30-40 g each. Put the pieces of meat into enameled ware and add marinade. To cook a marinade you need bold onion cut into rings, chopped capsicum, parsley, salt and brandy. Thoroughly mix marinated meat. Leave meat in marinade for at least 10-12 hours. Skewer well marinated meat and put it on the grill, then roast on ready charcoal grill. The northerners serve reindeer barbecue with tomato sauce. To cook a tomato sauce, take a tomato juice, add a mashed garlic, ground black pepper, fennel, parsley, bunch-onion and salt.