Reindeer meat products possess a bright unique taste, they are tender and succulent. Reindeer meat may be considered a dietary health food that can be recommended for people suffering from vitamin deficiency disease and metabolic disorder.

Carefully selected set of spices will allow to accentuate a natural taste of reindeer meat and make the products exquisite. 

Peculiarities of reindeer meat cooking.

Reindeer meat is carved the same way as beef and undercut is thought to be the most valuable part. Before cooking reindeer meat is kept in marinade from vine, herbs and spices. This meat is better for stewing because it can be easily overroasted. Reindeer meat contains little fat that is why while grilling it should be constantly poured with oil.

Reindeer tongue and bone marrow possess a delicate taste: a tongue is cooked in boiling water with spices during several hours, then put into cold water for five minutes, quickly skinned and then cut into pieces, while a salted bone marrow serves as a savoury seasoning for boiled reindeer meat.
Reindeer meat is used for various dishes.

The meat of a young reindeer possesses a fine-fibred structure and belongs to the 1st category, dishes from reindeer meat possess a tender taste.

Real delicacies are made from a reindeer tongue and bone marrow which are cooked in brine with spices and then cut into thin slices and served as a snack. Reindeer meat can be cooked according to a great many of recipes, a correctly selected set of spices will accentuate a natural taste and make any dish exquisite.

Stewed reindeer liver

To cook stewed reindeer liver you need reindeer liver, sour cream, bulb onion and spices. Clean the liver, remove membranes and vases and cut into small cubes, put salt and pepper. Slice the onion and brown it in oil. Then add the liver to the onion and fry. Finally put cream or sour cream and stew during 20-25 minutes. A good idea for garnish for this tasty dish from reindeer meat is potatoes or rice.

Jellied reindeer tongue

To cook a jellied reindeer tongue, boil a fresh reindeer tongue during 3 hours adding bold onion and carrots. It is enough to use only two spices: peppercorn and laurel leaf. Then slice the tongue and pour on a broth with gelatin. Some people prefer to use a beef broth because a reindeer meat broth is usually too dark. When cooking dishes from reindeer tongue, place a tongue in cold water for several hours prior to cooking. Then the broth will be fairer and free of flocks. Reindeer tongue will be a good addition for dishes from reindeer meat. Boil a tongue the same way as you did to cook a jellied reindeer tongue, place reindeer meat into water for several hours and then roast. Either cover the slices of a tongue with the slices of reindeer meat or use skewers. Serve reindeer meat with northern berries – cranberries and cloudberries that will accentuate the taste of reindeer meat.

Reindeer soup

Reindeer soup is a very special dish. In ancient times thick flavoured soup cooked on fire empowered shepherds and hunters. Correctly boiled reindeer meat becomes soft and tender, thus it may be used not only as a part of a soup but also as an independent dish.
Among all common meat types reindeer meat resembles beef most of all but has a different special smell and flavor. What to a reindeer soup it is absolutely different from a beef soup. Reindeer meat makes a soup dark. Moreover, a reindeer soup is very thick and nourishing, though reindeer meat is lean. To cook a reindeer soup better use a breast. This very part of a reindeer body suits for the best flavoured broth – the basis of success in cooking a soup. Fresh-frozen reindeer meat is excellent in this case. Reindeer breast suits best of all for your dish. Clean it and cut into parts before making a broth. Put it into water together with bold onion and carrots. Boil it for 1,5-2 hours and then remove everything from the broth – both onion and carrots and reindeer meat. Salt the broth in 45-60 minutes. Do not use too much spice. Add some marjoram, black pepper and if you want – garlic.
Add a dressing from fried in oil chopped bold onion and carrots to a prepared broth. When the broth with dressing boils, put potatoes and sliced reindeer breast. Boil until potatoes are soft. Add fresh greens to a ready soup to your liking.
This rich and nourishing soup from reindeer meat will be appreciated by the most experienced gourmands. The main thing is to use a high-quality reindeer meat.

Reindeer steak

The main thing in cooking a reindeer steak and actually all dishes from reindeer meat is to prepare meat correctly. Then it won’t be either dry or tough. Use fresh-frozen reindeer meat to please your dearest and nearest with a reindeer steak. When being cooked fresh-frozen meat does not lose taste and smell and preserve vitamins and nutrient substances good for your body. Such reindeer meat can be stored for quite a long time. You can make a steak from both chopped meat and mincemeat and the whole piece of meat. If you use chopped meat or mincemeat, add some lard, it will make a steak more succulent. If you use the whole piece of reindeer meat, cut it only across grain and chop thoroughly before frying. In this case reindeer meat won’t be tough.
Oil previously prepared steaks, add salt (better use sea salt), pepper and mashed berries of juniper and fry in a well heated pan. Depending on time of frying you can either get meat with blood or well fried steak from reindeer meat.

Make a sauce from juniper berries. Mix 1 teaspoon of berries, 200 ml of red wine, 200 ml of a chicken broth or beef broth and spices. Cook down over low heat until it turns into a thick syrup. Decorate a ready reindeer steak with the sprigs of berries – cranberries or red currant.

Reindeer barbecue

Reindeer barbecue is a real meat delicacy. There are a lot of recipes for cooking and they mostly differ in a way of making a marinade. If you use traditional recipes for cooking a reindeer barbecue, you will get a tender and nonfat barbecue. Meat just melts in your mouth. Once you have a chance to eat a reindeer barbecue, you will never forget its unique taste.
To cook a reindeer barbecue better use flesh or meat on a small bone. Wash the meat before cooking, remove membranes and cut into flat pieces, 30-40 g each. Put the pieces of meat into enameled ware and add marinade. To cook a marinade you need bold onion cut into rings, chopped capsicum, parsley, salt and brandy. Thoroughly mix marinated meat. Leave meat in marinade for at least 10-12 hours. Skewer well marinated meat and put it on the grill, then roast on ready charcoal grill. The northerners serve reindeer barbecue with tomato sauce. To cook a tomato sauce, take a tomato juice, add a mashed garlic, ground black pepper, fennel, parsley, bunch-onion and salt.