Assortment of meat products from reindeer meat produced on the slaughter unit of Reindeer CoLtd.


Title of product

Frozen products

Leg without bone

840,00 rub/kg

Withers boneless

550,00 rub/kg

Withers on the bones

500,00 rub/kg

Ribs frozen

370,00 rub/kg

Meat cutlet

530,00 rub/kg

Shank (sawn)

340,00 rub/kg

Shoulder bone

490,00 rub/kg

Outside fillet (long arm)

1300,00 rub/kg

The inner fillet (lazy muscle)

1400,00 rub/kg

Finished products

Sausages "Lovozerskije"

480,00 rub/kg

Wieners "Ponojskije"

500,00 rub/kg

Venison pressed "Kola"

830,00 rub/kg

Sausage, smoked-cooked "Wyrm"

650,00 rub/kg

Walnut meat

800,00 rub/kg

Sausage "Servelat Deer"

700,00 rub/kg

Sausage "Servelat Lingonberry"

800,00 rub/kg

Sausage "Krakow"

680,00 rub/kg

Stew  (325 g)

210,00 rub

Deer sausage cooked "Slavic"

400,00 rub/kg

Fillet jerked

4800,00 rub/kg

Ham sausage, minced

830,00 rub/kg

Semi-smoked sausage "Murmanskaya"

800,00 rub/kg

Reindeer stag "Reindeer"

980,00 rub/kg

Pearl barley with venison (325 g)

150,00 rub
Prices are excluding VAT