There are Sami living in Lovozero (they are also known as “Lapps”). There are only about 88 thousand Sami in the world, nevertheless they unite their territories in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Russia into a country with a modest name “Great Lappland”. Sami are the only reindeer herders-Caucasians in the world. Before Soviet power their annual cycle was firmly connected with reindeer, they migrated together with herds. Before the 19th century the legislations of Russia and Finland contained a special permit for Sami to cross borders freely to collect reindeer gone to “the other side”.

Reindeer” company started working in 2011 and it is one of the largest companies dealing with procuring and slaughtering of reindeer meat on the Kola peninsula.

Modern specialized equipment is installed on the slaughter-processing complex of the company: a slaughter line is provided by Kometos Oy company, refrigeration equipment is provided by Bitzer company.

Output of complex’s slaughter is 360 animals per shift.  

 Major company’s activities:

  1. Production and sale of sausage products and other meat products from reindeer meat and other animals.
  2. Production of serum from reindeer blood for biological and medical industries.
  3. Procuring and processing of velvet antlers.

Our products are delivered to many restaurants and shops of Murmansk and Murmansk Region where they are highly demanded by customers.