Limited liability company “Reindeer”

We offer deep frozen reindeer meat in carcasses and half carcasses and reindeer meat derived products for further sale. Reindeer meat pass strict sanitary and epidemiological control and has all necessary diplomas and certificates.

Reindeer meat takes one of the first places considering biological value and taste among other meat products. Reindeer meat products are delicacies both in Russia and abroad. They are especially loved in Scandinavian countries where they are traditionally in high demand. However the cost of these products in other countries is much higher in comparison with Russia.

It is proved that due to its habitat, conditions of keeping and feeding reindeer are almost not vulnerable to diseases. During the winter the main feed for reindeer is lichen (moss), brush wood, buttons of trees and bushes, during the summer – leaves and sprouts of plants, berries, mushrooms. The products of reindeer husbandry are ecological.

 Reindeer meat is a unique product!!!

Reindeer meat possesses unique qualities proved by history itself. Remember the pioneers of the Far North who ate only reindeer meat during many days.

Reindeer meat is a main product in the food ration of the indigenous peoples of the Russian Far North. In severe weather conditions this product is probably the only one possessing such nutritive properties that are sure to provide a human body with enough proteins and fats. Reindeer meat contains a lot of minerals and vitamins needed for active living.

You can always contact our company to buy high quality reindeer meat. Our assortment contains various reindeer meat products.